Journeyman Mechanic

2001 Longfibre Ave Yakima WA 98903-1514 USA

Opportunity Summary:

Responsible for maintaining, troubleshooting needed repairs, and installation of machinery for the box plant.

 How you will impact WestRock

Assist in preparation of job plans for both daily maintenance and scheduled machine shutdowns as well as safety related tasks.  Using computer system, input requisition requests to Maintenance Purchasing Admin for needed parts for upcoming scheduled maintenance activities and/or machine shutdowns. Request parts in advance to insure availability at time of need. Also check inventory for stock status regarding needed parts.  Repack pumps.  Replace belts.  Complete alignments as needed.  Cylinder repair.  Welding, cutting and burning. Perform motor and pump changes.  Threaded and tube pipe fitting.  Set up new equipment.  Form building.  Troubleshoot making repairs on equipment.  Operate lift trucks and various other plant equipment.  Perform miscellaneous tasks as assigned.  Perform fabrication tasks as needed.  Insure and perform proper rigging procedures and WestRock safety practices.

 What you need to succeed:

·         Journeyman Millwright Certificate.

·         Ability to effectively communicate both orally and in written form.

·         Ability to read and interpret blueprints.

·         Ability to acquire a Washington State Boiler license.

·         General understanding of basic chemistry and physics.

·         Must possess basic math skills.

·         Excellent working knowledge of the machinery in the box plant and associated safety issues involved with Millwright work.

·         Basic computer skills using. On the job training provided

·         Ability to perform job planning tasks for scheduled machine shutdowns.

·         Ability to work in a team environment.

·         Ability to lift up to 50 pounds, stand for long periods of time, ability to perform repetitive motion tasks with the upper extremities.

·         Ability to work in confined areas and high places. Ability to negotiate stairs and ladders.

·         Ability to work in a Box Plant environment and be exposed to related fumes, odors, dust, gases, etc.  Must be aware of hazards associated with each job.

·         Ability to work overtime as needed.

·         Ability to perform general pipefitter, electrical and troubleshooting of instrumentation job tasks as needed.

 Machine, Tools, Special Equipment, Personal Protective Equipment Used:

Sledge hammers (4 to 12 pounds), hand tools up to 1 Y.. inches, larger tools in tool room, hammers, pry bars, chain hoists up to 3 tons, ratchet blocks, air impact tools, roto line equipment, drill motors up to 1 inch, dial indicators, micrometers, technical measuring equipment, Porto powers (hydraulic equipment), ladders, scissors lifts, fork lift, tool cart, tool boxes (stationary set up specific area of plant), tool bag, grinders, cutting torches, sawsall, welding equipment, drill press, table saw, skill saw.  Computer/keyboard, cell phone. Protective equipment includes safety glasses, hearing protection, steel toed boots, hard hat, respirator, safety harness, safety vest, and hoods/gloves for welding.

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