Early Career Manufacturing Internship

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Early Career Manufacturing Internship

4184-Bowling Green

225 Mitch McConnell Way
Bowling Green, Kentucky, 42101
United States

Job Summary:

The Early Career Manufacturing Intern with a focus in logistics is responsible for completing required project assignments. An Early Career Manufacturing Intern will gain a hands-on experience in WestRock’s industrial environments focusing in areas such as cost savings, environmental, and sustainability efforts. Throughout the assignments, there will be a heavy emphasis placed on safety, teamwork, and process improvement. By the end of the assignment, this experience will have positively impacted your curriculum and career goals in preparation for life after college.

Major Job Responsibilities:
Business Excellence
•Complete multiple project assignments within assigned role
•Analyze data sets to identify key insights and provide value-based solutions
•Apply skillset to increase efficiency, reliability, and productivity in WestRock’s production environment
•Seek out and promote innovative solutions to operational challenges and support maintenance activities with a focus on preventative maintenance
•Identify root cause problems through troubleshooting issues to identify areas of opportunities
•Report project discovery findings to managers, teams, and senior leadership
•Serve as safety champion by understanding and enforcing plant or mill safety policies
•Manage day-to-day activities of assigned roles, complete project tasks, and implement new processes
People & Culture
•Communicate cross-functionally about technical and project findings
•Collaborate closely with assigned team members to complete project tasks

Critical Skills / Capabilities:
Growth and Results Oriented: Demonstrates an interest, willingness, and drive to learn new things; seeks to understand concepts, processes, and ideas within area of functional expertise; naturally inquisitive; sets meaningful goals for personal work productivity
Communication: Clearly exchanges thoughts, ideas, and messages through written, verbal, and non-verbal methods that promote an understanding with the target audience; listens carefully and attentively
Detail-Oriented: Has an eye for recognizing errors or differences; plans and completes work with thoroughness, giving attention to specific information and individual details, conditions, necessary record keeping, and elements of that work

•Problem-Solving: Identifies and analyzes problems; weighs relevance and accuracy of information; generates and evaluates alternative solutions; makes recommendations; demonstrates tackling a problem by using a logical, systematic, or sequential approach

Organizational Skills: Plans, arranges and/or monitors work to ensure achievement of desired results; establishes a systematic course of action to accomplish objectives
•Adaptability: Demonstrates agility, flexibility, and a willingness to modify one’s approach to achieve desired results; responds quickly to changing demands, processes, and updated information
•Collaboration: Works effectively with others to complete a task or achieve a common objective; ability to cooperate in both interpersonal and team relationships to foster enthusiasm and maintain mutual trust, candor, and respect for others. Works through conflict constructively

Technical Skills:
•Microsoft Office - Excel, Word, PowerPoint

Other Qualifications:

To perform the duties of the job, this role requires:
•The spoken exchange of ideas to be performed quickly 50-75% of the time

•The safe and accurate preparation and analyzing of data and figures, monitoring of a computer terminal, or inspection of small defects or parts
Work Environment:
•Constantly works indoors, in an environment that is climate controlled
•Occasionally works outdoors in natural environmental conditions (both hot and cold)
•Occasionally works indoors in an environment that is not climate controlled and has high temperatures
•Occasionally works indoors in an environment that is not climate controlled and has low temperatures
•The role is frequently sedentary, which entails sitting or being stationary
•Frequently stands or walks for 1-2 hours at a time
•Occasionally stands or walks for 3-6 hours at a time
•Occasionally stands or walks for over 6 hours at a time
•Noisy work environment; maintain strict adherence to safety rules and regulations

•Preferred: Minimum course experience as recommended per position in related field

•Currently enrolled in a college/university


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