Process Control Engineer


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Process Control Engineer

709 Papermill Rd
Dublin, Georgia, 31027
United States

Job Summary:  The Process Control Engineer is responsible for maintaining and supporting every aspect of the mill’s process control network and infrastructure. The Process Control Engineer guides solutions for maintenance and operations, designs and manages the process control infrastructure, upgrades equipment using process best practices, and drives the completion of process control projects.  


Major Job Responsibilities:

Business Excellence

  • Design, implement, and support existing and new process control projects for Distributed Control Systems (DCS), Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC's), and custom control applications running in a MS environment
  • Evaluate and manage processes and equipment operation to meet or exceed standards
  • Read and understand piping and instrumentation diagrams (P&ID's), loop sheets, and electrical drawings to understand processes and potential opportunities for improvement
  • Maintain and troubleshoot all hardware associated with the DCS including: computers, servers, switches, process controllers, process I/O, PLC, thin clients, monitors, mouse, and keyboards
  • Execute programming and software changes to support new and existing control systems or components of a process
  •  Perform all activities to support software system backups, integrations, software repairs and revisions, software updates, and system recovery for all IT associated with process control for the entire facility (including DCS computers, servers, switches, and controllers)
  •  Serve as a subject matter expert related to the electrical wiring and troubleshooting associated with the DCS equipment
  • Support other departments to address needs that arise during daily operations (e.g. Electrician and Instrumentation to troubleshoot I/O, operations to address interlocks and safety, etc.)
  • Collaborate with various departments to improve DCS control strategies, interlocks, alarms, and graphics for safety of workers, safety of equipment, and maximum uptime
  • Maintain the PI interface (historian - Plant Information System) and collaborate with other departments to make sure process data is appropriately captured and updated
  • Partner with the process control engineering team to plan DCS upgrades and projects
  • Support engineering and maintenance departments with projects that require DCS I/O and controls

People and Culture

·  Serve as a liaison between mill personnel and contractors doing process control work

·  Provide ongoing guidance and coaching to process control engineers focused on tools and systems, interactions between functional areas, end-to-end processes, and how various efforts relate to strategic organizational goals

·  Use day-to-day issues as teaching moments to build the problem-solving skill set and process control capability of team members


Critical Skills / Capabilities:

·  Process-Oriented: Plans, designs, manages processes while focusing on refining and improving to increase efficiency and effectiveness; understands process inputs, activities, outputs, roles and sequencing 

·  Problem-Solving: Applies knowledge to frame, simplify and solve complex issues; focuses on identifying root causes to create solutions in a timely and decisive manner; reconciles conflicting and/or incomplete information to develop solutions

·  Collaboration: Works effectively with others to complete a task or achieve a common objective; ability to cooperate in both interpersonal and team relationships to foster enthusiasm and maintain mutual trust, candor, and respect for others; works through conflict constructively:

·  Communication: Creates and delivers engaging presentations to internal and external audiences; develops new communication strategies and approaches to communicate data, insights, and critical messages resulting in clear understanding

·  Growth and Results Oriented: Delivers personal or organizational results by successfully influencing others (i.e. co-workers, other teams, external partners, etc.)  within a matrixed organization; delivers high quality work within the stipulated time period to achieve maximum results

·  Adaptability: Demonstrates agility, flexibility, and a willingness to modify one’s approach to achieve desired results; responds quickly to changing demands, processes, and updated information

·  Time Management: Plans, prioritizes, and manages time spent on accomplishing tasks to increase productivity and efficiency; demonstrates awareness and control over amount of time spent on activities; meets deadlines 

Technical Skills:

·  Electrical/Instrumentation knowledge

·  Advanced computer and IT/networking skills including experience with the following:

o  Windows hardware and software knowledge

o  Multi-level networks

o  Virtualization

·  Project Management skills and tools

·  Ability to read documentation and diagrams related to various hardware, software, and wiring (e.g. piping and instrumentation diagrams - P&ID's)


Other Qualifications:

To perform the duties of the job, this role requires:

·  Constantly ascending/descending stairs

·  Constantly reaching by extending fingers on two hands

·  Constantly using fingers to type with two hands

·  Frequently reaching by extending two arms

·  Frequently using fingers to grasp with two hands

·  Frequently exerting force by lifting up to 50 lbs of weight

·  Occasionally working atop of elevated surfaces for 10-30 minutes at a time

·  Occasionally using fingers to pinch with two hands

·  The spoken exchange of ideas to be performed loudly 25-50% of the time

·  The spoken exchange of ideas to be performed quickly 25-50% of the time

·  The safe and accurate preparation and analyzing of data and figures, monitoring of a computer terminal, or inspection of small defects or parts


Work Environment:

·  Constantly works indoors, in an environment that is climate controlled

·  Frequently works outdoors in natural environmental conditions (both hot and cold)

·  Occasionally works indoors in an environment that is not climate controlled and has high temperatures

·  Occasionally works indoors in an environment that is not climate controlled and has low temperatures

·  The role is frequently sedentary, which entails sitting or being stationary

·  Occasionally stands or walks for 1-2 hours at a time

·  Noisy work environment; maintain strict adherence to safety rules and regulations

·  24/7 support of mill planned and unplanned outages; weekend duty rotation



·  Required: 5+ years of experience in a process control job with supervisory experience

·  Preferred: Background in electrical engineering or instrumentation

·  Preferred: Work experience in IT, networking, and/or controls

·  Preferred: Experience working in a 24/7 call environment



·  Required: Bachelor’s degree with a focus in Electrical Engineering is preferred; Industrial Instrumentation degree with focus in networking and IT or Computer Science degree are acceptable given work experience

·  Preferred: Honeywell training/certification

·  Preferred: IT training/certifications

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